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Biogas plant manufacturers in Bangalore
Biogas plant manufacturers in Bangalore
Reecon adopted the most efficient design for better and maximum digestion of the feed material with reduced retention time. Based on the nature of feed, it will be pre conditioned before feeding to the biodigestor. In this stage the most complex component of the feed material such as Lignin, Cellulose and Hemi cellulose broken down to simpler forms. Specialized microbes were used in this process.

Biogas itself is gas mixture consisting of approximately 60% methane, and the remainder containers carbon dioxide, hydrogen sulphide, moisture and siloxanes. It containes less methane than natural gas, which consists of approximately 94%. Biogas is naturally produced and released into the environment by the decomposition of organic matter such as fruit and vegetable waste, animal faeces and dead animals.

How is Biogas used?
Biogas is used just like natural gas is used around the world, by combusting and using the energy to supply heat, or power. Some households use biogas mainly for cooking and heating, whereas in industrial applications it is mostly used for heating, or power generation. Industrial applications require more sophisticated equipment, engineering and design to construct – for more information about the equipment needed for industrial applications, see one of our other articles, as this is one of the areas that Finn Biogas specialises in.

Where is Biogas used?
On an industrial scale, the world has approximately 12,000 biogas plants, with Germany being the largest user with approximately 8,000. Australia has enormous potential for biogas, and there are currently over 50 large scale plants in operation around the country.

Why is Biogas used?
Biogas is a renewable energy resource and is produced naturally from decaying organic matter. Biogas is released into the environment naturally, though if it is captured it can be burned for energy or heat production instead of fossil fuels, for example natural gas or diesel.

Reecon Aqua Green Technologies Pvt.Ltd, Bangalore India
Reecon’s objective is to reuse 90% of the waste water generated in industries, and meet 20% of a company’s energy requirements through renewable technologies. This will reduce the carbon footprint, r...

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